Rigs for sale/Trade - Europe (Mesa boogie, Laney, TC electornics, Engl content)

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    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Various, see below
    Modifications (if any): All stock
    Accessories (hardshell case etc):
    Location (City,State or City,Country): Ireland
    Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM here.
    References (eBay or other forum userid): Andro on Dean forums, Andromalius 75 on ebay, only bought some stuff though never used to sell.
    Price (include currency and if firm/obo): Varies see below - All prices are without shipping

    Thinning the herd as I now have an axe-fx incoming and don't need those anymore:

    rig 1:

    Mesa studio preamp - Made circa 1986 -
    Mesa 20:20 power amplifier - US voltage, setp down transformer included.
    TC Electronics Gmajor 2 -

    All this in a neat 4U rockbag. 1500€ for all.
    (Side note: I know this would seem expensive in the US, check the euro mesa prices...)

    Rig 2:

    LANEY GH100 TI Tony Iommi signature head (777€ at thomann)
    LANEY GS412LA Matched cab (373€ at thomann) (Took the grille down for miking, I'll put it back)
    SPL Cabulator (555€ at thomann) Power soak and recording/console outputs direct from the head.

    Price: 1000€ for all.

    Additionally, I also have an Engl e530 tube preamp: 400€.

    I'm not breaking the packages, but WILL consider trades. (Guitars only, no effects/preamps/heads, preferably superstrats, 6 or 7 strings is ok. No TOMs)


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