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    Oct 17, 2017
    Im taking my new JP15 as an opportunity to revisit technique. I was a bit concerned about the relatively flat and thin neck (compared to my 6-strings that I prefer). And I think I'm starting to have that down. In some videos of a recent show where I played it it looks actually better than I expected it to be with my thumb more behind the neck.

    That brought me to the right hand:

    What's everyone's take on pivot or not pivot? When I pay attention to it it seems as if I'm going back and forth, mostly supporting the right hand with my pinky and ring finger on that area between the pickups under the high e string.
    By looking at it on video it seems more natural to not pivot and float the hand with the only and ring finger more curled up.
    Can't really say when exactly I'm choosing what or if it's rather random.

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    May 3, 2014
    I typically keep my three fingers out; but not anchored to the body. I can curl them and play just fine (I do it often with my strat due to the volume knob placement) but feel most comfortable with them out. My other guitarist anchors with his ring and pinky, after 20 years of playing like that he’s been having issues with his hand going numb recently. I can’t say for certain this is the cause, but it’s got to be taken into consideration.
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    My teacher always wanted me to anchor/pivot with my pinky on the body somewhere. Not a fixed place (although you learn to favor a certain spot) but some form of contact with the body that acts as a reference point. One some guitars this is the pickup ring around the bridge humbucker for me.
    I still do this, but it is not an absolute must. When palmmuting (metal player..) I mainly use the base of my thumb as reference now that I think of it.

    Anchoring does prevent that finger from being used for something else, such as hybrid picking.

    I have no complaints of joints or muscles in my arms whatsoever from this. But I haven't been playing for twenty years yet. ;)

    Just about everyone of my heroes (Morse, Petrucci, Vai, Satriani, just to name a few) anchor at times. Might be because they learned the wrong way? Don't know, don't really care. Whatever gets the job done, and I'll never get the hours in that these people have put in and they seem to be doing fine (except Morse, but that might be due to his three-fingered picking technique).
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    I typically don't anchor my fingers/palm, but that's because I hybrid pick a fair bit anymore. If I'm not hybrid picking then I usually have my 3 fingers that aren't holding the pick pretty relaxed. Keeping the muscles relaxed is key for longevity/preventing strains and other issues ime.
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