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    Hello fellow guitarists and musicians. I have an issue that's been bugging me for since I can remember. It started when I was trying to improve the picking speed of my right hand. I seemed to be able to get with a metronome around 140 bpm playing 16th notes and that was my limit. Then I found out that I can tremolo pick with my right arm while doing the "unlocking a door with a key" motion and reaching 200 bpm 16th notes, but the problem is that however little I try to relax my arm while doing this, it always at the end needs a second or two to adjust to a normal, less quick tempo. In other words, my wrist is getting really stiff. And I am not really sure if that affected my triplets, but my wrist is bad at them :D .

    Can you share any tips and/or tricks for improving picking speed, reducing this issue with the stiff right wrist and improving triplets?

    P.S. I started exercising with the main riff of Bleed. Nice little pattern. I can't go over 100 bpm while my hand is relaxed and over that I can't play it at all.
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    You should be able to do Bleed all day long as long as you pick it dud U dud U etc etc as they do, rather than trying to be all metal and pick it dud D dud D....

    And before anyone says anything, yes, I'm sure there's SOMEONE out there who can do it the hard way, while also playing the kick pattern with their feet simultaneously, but that's no reason for us all to do it the hard way.
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    The way you hold the pick influences how relaxing you picking can be.

    An example of a relaxed (and fast) picking is Yngwie.
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    I suffer this same exact problem

    I play a lot of black metal with that stiff wrist 16th note strum style.

    It can be painful and get stiff after a while.

    I felt like I could do it better when I was younger and my wrists now can experience pain with this technique for doing it for years.

    I always kind of just dealt with it. Any other technique where I didn't hit as hard simply didn't produce that very aggressive attack the guitar needs to punch.

    All and all good question about the stiff right wrist. Would be cool to hear other peoples opinions on it.

    A big question is, is it healthy to do so?

    I have tendinitis in my both wrists, and one thing that makes my picking hand flare up is this technique. And very possibly what made it develop in my case.
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    Black metal man, I know the feeling. Been playing in 2 Bm-ish bands for a while now and man oh man, working on technique is the key to survival of my muscles.

    For me I've found that it's in a very narrow place.
    Relax the wrist and arms while at the same time finding that massive attack and speed. Now that in itself is pretty tricky, but this might help, find the sweet spot between digging into your strings and lightly caressing them (think of those acoustic type players that have those paper-like man). Traditionally you'd try to up the gain into ridiculous amounts to a point where dynamics don't matter anymore, I tend to go the opposite direction, find a sound that is high gain, but something that still is able to clean up once you play softer or roll back the volume. From there you can sound huge/have tone without having to sacrifice technique.

    Other then that, look up videos on flamenco technique, that goes a very long way too.
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    Focus on that gap in tempos that is currently unattainable. "shredding" in an upper-mid tempo with control is difficult for sure, but it will help greatly in learning to relax while playing.
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    Use your wrist. It shouldn't be locked. That forearm rotating motion is impractical in my experience since your hand won't rest on the bridge. The motion I use is like if you were to shade with a pencil on paper by only moving from your wrist. I can play 16ths at around 260 for a short time, galloping and down picking are slower due to the added complexity of the motion.

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