'Record Labels, What's the Deal?' - An Article by Myriad Record's Jaime Gamble.

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    This was written for Got-Djent by my good friend and labelmate Jaime Gamble, who started Myriad Records last year.

    'Jaime Gamble started Myriad Records together with Pedram Valiani and Alex Pryle in June 2011, when they released their first record by The Schoenberg Automaton. Since then, they have released Friend For A Foe's debut EP, and the critically acclaimed self-titled debut by Ever Forthright. They're currently gearing up to release Bleeding Skies's debut 'I Choose To Awaken' at the end of the month.

    Before that, he did artist management and had the opportunity to work and network with bands like TesseracT, Aliases and Chimp Spanner, among others. Some of these were signed, some were unsigned and some were in the middle of deciding what to do with their offers at the time. This gave him the opportunity to read over numerous contracts and speak to artists signed to a variety of labels.

    About this, he says: "It definitely helped me with regards to my own label: it helped me note down what was wrong in the music industry, and how out-of-touch some labels are. The entire ethos of Myriad is to sign the pinnacle of music that we love, not to restrict ourselves to one genre, and to change labels as a whole. None of us were happy with how labels operated."

    He has agreed to share his thoughts and insights about the ins and outs of record deals in this editorial. If you're an unsigned musician hoping to get picked up by a label, read on!
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    Read The Full Article here.
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