RANDALL V2 400w Head

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Gallowsforgrace, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Features: Randall V2

    Three Channels =
    Solid state clean, solid state O/D and tube O/D.

    3 12AX7 preamp tubes
    12AT7 driven 400w Mosfet power amp
    6 band Graphic EQ
    Effects loop series/parrallel
    MIDI programmable 5 button footswitch
    Direct out with cab/mic sim

    I purchased the V2 as my Peavey 5150 was giving me a lot of problems and costing me an arm and a leg to get repaired. I've always been strictly a tube amp guy, my 5150 had been responsible for all my previous tones and working in guitar shops has exposed me to just about every great amp tone under the sun.

    I was on the hunt for a while for something special, something with a monstrous amount of gain and lots of clarity, a rich midrange and a nice sizzling top end. I tried a lot of amps including the EVH 5150, Mesa Triple and Dual rec, Hughes & Kettner Switchblade/Duotone/Triamp, Randall RM with many modules, Framus Cobra and many ENGLs but surprisingly settled upon the Randall V2.

    This amp absolutely blows me away with it's tonal clarity and versatility. The tube channel just absolutely sings! I play Technical Death Metal and this amp has a crushing, devastating sound which suits me perfectly.
    With some tweaking of the graphic EQ killer metal tones can be achieved.
    The V2 is a high gain monster! The tightest bottom end I've heard in an amp.

    Anyone who is skeptical of the Mosfet power stage really has to try one of these out! The solid state overdrive can be useful for stop/start riffs or old school thrash tones but lacks the punch found in the tube chan. The clean is impossible break up and is a very transparent channel which is great for jazz tones. It's not fender clean, more like a Jazz Chorus obviously because of the solid state circuitry. Both channels are useful at times but the reason I bought this thing is for the tube channel.

    I must say the direct recording/cab elminator function is very poor which is my only gripe with the head. It's not really a problem as I mic everything up anyway.

    I received my Peavey back fixed. My new project is to run both heads into one cab in an X pattern. These two amps blended will be godly :)
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    I can't wait for your V5152 experiment! You're not helping my GAS!! :lol:
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    Feb 15, 2011
    i run the V2 with along with the GSP1101, and there aren't many tones that can't be dialed in....i love my V2!!! more than enough power, more than enough gain, and the EQ just puts every channel over the edge!! Cleans are amazing, tube channel is mind blowing, and the solid state channel 2 is your classic randall overdrive!! A+++
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    Love my V2

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