PSA: Try an EQ pedal in front of your amp before buying new pickups...

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    I wouldn't even know how to play with that much saturation anymore! :lol:

    OT, Dime was the first one I read about back in the day using an Eq pedal up front, then the Parametric in the rear. Didn't understand it back then, but makes total sense now.
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    I've been running an EQ pedal in front of anything I plug in to or in line virtually since the year 2000. First read about it on

    I've always DESPISED running a Tubescreamer/boost in front of an amp. Quickest way IMO to ruin the tone, but I understand why it's done. An EQ works wonders and is very versatile.

    I started with a cheap (that I still have) Danelectro Fish n' Chips and now use an Empress ParaEQ with the Dano getting some use every now and then.

    The biggest unexpected benefit is that I tend to prefer low output pickups now. Single coils actually. They really capture a huge amount of what your strings are doing and your dynamics. I can tweak the tone with the EQ section and boost the level with the output slider/knob to where I like.

    You can also cut the output of hot pickups and take back some control. I like doing this with EMG 60s of various flavors and then tweaking them to sound a bit more single-coil like.

    Seriously. Nab a used EQ pedal or a Dano new for cheap and give it a whirl. Tons of versatility.
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