Project Scorpio: Xbox

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    initially I was well on board with this.
    Now it just seems pathetic given that we are in the middle of YET ANOTHER generation of "suped up consoles" that offer basically no strong games to play on them.

    I honestly thought and expected this gen to be a return to form finally. A return to the PS2 form of gaming titles.
    Last gen started off well but fizzled out badly. This gen has fallen so flat. A combination of games either getting rushed out so are either weak as hell or a buggy mess OR nothing great at all to choose from.

    Im seriously underwhelmed. I bought Farcry literally weeks ago now. The newer caveman type one. And I havent even opened it out of its plastic yet.
    I love gaming and could be a diehard gamer, but I find myself barely playing these days and when I do its either on Skyrim special edition again, or just a razz on Fallout 4.
    This console seems an absolute waste of time, money and effort given how weak the game lineup is.

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