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    So for a while now I've had problems with string noise when tapping and playing legato. I can mute most of the noise for the most part but every time i transition to other strings I'll hear a slight noise from the previous string that makes the playing sound a little choppy and the transitions to sound weird =\
    I often thought if it was due to too much gain or distortion or if it was just the way i played but either way if i turned the gain down id eliminate the string noise problem but then i would have bad sustain making certain notes cut off as i played them but if i kept the high gain id get a good sustain but then i would be stuck with the string noise problem again so basically its like a trap with no freedom :( I know that its definitely possible to achieve extremely clean sounds when playing legato or tapping. many guitarists like Andy James and Guthrie Govan can pull this off quite well. Here is an example of this


    Notice how you don't hear any string noise in that tapping solo at all and most of the notes sound clear. So my big question here is, how do people get this clean? Is it in the mixing? Do they have equipment that allows more sustain without the use of too much gain? Or is it ALL in the technique? If it is all in the technique how can i start working towards getting this clean? thanks for the help :)
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    How is your sustain without gain? As you mentioned tapping/legato, how is your sustain without picking and without distortion?

    An important thing to learn is minimal movement: use enough force over a short distance to sound the note without too much lag from your finger coming in from 2 inches away, but then silence the note by lifting your finger up a small amount to release the string from the fret but still lightly resting your finger on it, to stop it's release release from causing a ping and string noise. Lifting off smoothly and steadily is important.

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