Portland progressive metal band DIVITIUS seeking drummer

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    Hello, We are a progressive metal band from Portland, OR and are currently in search of a drummer. The group was formed in June 2015. We are two guitarists, a bassist, a vocalist, and are currently finishing up recording our debut album. Our music is a mix of many types of modern music including metalcore, djent, ambient, groove metal, and deathcore.

    We currently have 7 tracks that we plan to release on our album. We are currently in the process of adding/recording vocals since our vocalist was the most recent member to join. The tracks are mixed professionally and the drums are programmed for the time being.

    The music is all original and written on 8-string guitars and a 5-string basses. Our vocalist utilizes a variety of different techniques including low and high screams, growls, and clean singing harmonies. In general, we strive to write our music with variety and balance to achieve a unique and catchy sound while remaining heavy.

    Our group has not played live yet but plan to as soon as our album is complete. We decided early on to complete the album prior to playing live so that we can use the live shows to promote the record. We are serious musicians and plan to take this project as far as we can. We will strive to promote the album by live performance and online through social media, and continue writing as it builds traction.

    In a drummer, we are looking for someone dedicated, technical and tight. We all use pro gear and it is essential for our drummer to use the same. The music has some very technical double bass parts and quick fills. It is also essential for them to maintain an open-mindedness for different genres of metal and music styles. The majority of the rhythms are in 4/4 to maintain a heavy groove and remain catchy but we add off times occasionally to add variety and uniqueness.

    We have a complete demo to share with serious candidates; shoot us a message if you are interested in listening. Any audio and/or videos of your drumming will help us to evaluate if you have the drumming skills and potential that we are looking for. We look forward to hearing from you-

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