Portland, OR progressive black metal looking for vocalist and other collaborators

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    Hello everyone and anyone! I'm a Portland, OR based guitarist/bassist working on a new black metal ep, a first for me. I'll post a rough mix of the soundcloud file at the bottom. So far I'm just a lonely one-man-black-metal-band, but I want to play this stuff live and develop it further. This ep is 4 tracks long, but I kind of goofed by deciding to bounce it as one long track. It's almost 23 minutes long, but if you liked it enough to sit through it, you probably like it enough to want to learn.

    The instrumentation is 6 string tremolo guitar (sometimes with harmonies), 8 string guitar, 6 string bass, drums, keys, and vocals. As you can hear, I don't have a vocalist yet. I'd rather have whoever ends up doing vocals do write his or her own lyrics and parts. Everything else is written by me, but I need some other talented folks who can learn the parts and can play live.

    I'm interested in blending influences in creating a wide variety of sounds that fall under the "black metal" domain. I don't really dig bands that sound like the same song for 8 albums. Influences for the black metal side include Deathspell Omega, Abigor, Ihsahn, Emperor, Imperial Triumphant, and many others. I also really like death metal, like Cryptopsy and Gorguts, and grindcore, like Napalm Death and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Other, more out there, influences are bands like Virus, Genesis (Peter Gabriel years), Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and King Crimson. I'm probably subconsciously influenced by classical music and I have some jazz theory training to help glue everything together.

    My last two metal projects I worked on was a grindcore band called Marburg (lead guitar and songwriter) and a death metal band called Doctor Professor (bass guitar). I'll have links at the bottom under the black metal stuff.

    Hopefully this message finds some like minded people, and more than anything, I do hope you at least enjoy the music I've posted here. Thanks for reading!

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