Piezo for an acoustic, no preamp?

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    Dec 6, 2013
    Hi all,

    I received a weathered acoustic guitar from a friend, headstock broken and no bridge etc., but otherwise it seems a decent guitar. I think it is an Epiphone (he had a cheesy fake Gibson logo on it, but the headstock and all). It does have a TRS socket strap pin on the body and a hole for a wire from the piezo pickup and a slot for the piezo in the bridge, but no pickup or wire is present. There isn't a hole neither for a preamp nor for a battery. Today a salesman in a shop told me there are piezo pickups w/o preamps, e.g. from Fishman, but they didn't have any, - and they are pricey.
    Could you please enlighten me on those and maybe avise on the models. I may have space for a piezo equipped acoustic in our band. But can I plug it directly into a Kemper?


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