Pickups for my PRS Mushok

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by youngthrasher9, Jun 17, 2015.

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    I bought a set of Dimarzio Titans for this guitar, and I love them. However, I don't think they are quite what this guitar needs.

    What I'm finding out about the bridge pickup is:

    It's very tight sounding. I love this, but it almost seems excessive, because this guitar is bright sounding on it's own.

    It's a little lower in output than I would prefer. Compared to the D Activator I have in my SIR27FD, the Titan isn't nearly as loud. I pick really hard, but it's more fun when it's not as "necessary". I play riffy blackened death metal 90% of the time, so quick and responsive attack is my thing.

    I love the fact that every note and bend in my chords are totally audible, but with this guitar I think it's easily possible to get the same thing with a pickup that gels a little better with this guitar.

    For the neck pickup:

    It's very similar in output to the PAF7, but it's much more thick sounding to my ears. I like it, and it'd probably sound wicked with lots of effects and put in a busy mix. Most of time I play by myself, so it's not really conducive to my situation. I'd prefer something less thick sounding and maybe a smidge more output for this guitar.

    What I'm thinking about buying is a D-Actvator X for the bridge, and a D-Activator neck (standard) for the neck.

    Will this combo get me where I need to go?

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