Pick-up suggestions for Ibanez Rg and Rgd Prestige Models

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by tyepoe, Jun 1, 2012.

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    So I have two Ibanez guitars with factory Ibanez 7 string pick-ups.
    One I got a long time ago some im not sure excatly which model it is...

    It's an Ibanez RG series seven string thats like a sparkly red / pink color. Might be like this one...
    Ibanez Rg 7420 Seven String Electric Guitar, Rare | Ibanez RG
    However mine is more shiny red than that flat red tone, even though it may be the same guitar....

    Then I found these two guitars..I think mines got to be one
    RG7420 & RG7620 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Couldnt see any difference between the two except the colors, so im not sure which one it may be except to say I bought mine around 2002 and it is sparkly red / pink color w/ black headstock and has floyd rose trem.

    Anyway getting to the pickups. I have the stock pickups in there and they are notorious for sounding like crap(at least the older 7 string ibanez RG series pick-ups)...a squeel is not possible with these pickups.

    I was wondering if anyone has a specific pickup configuration for this guitar, whether it actually be the RG7420 or RG7620. Should I get two emg 707's or one for the high end and keep the original for the low end tone? Or does anyone like any other pickup configurations? I am currently playing lots of "Djent" So I like punchy clear tone that can also reproduce low tones really well also. Has anyone tried any other types of pick-ups with this guitar?

    I also recently bought the RGD PRESTIGE seven.
    Ibanez.com | Electric Guitars | RGD2127Z

    Anyone have good pickup thoughts about this one?

    I wanted to come here to see what you all think because I recently found out that EMG makes three models of pickups (81-7, 60-7 and 707) for seven strings and maybe 707's are not best replacement for both pickups on both guitars.

    Or should I be fine to get 2 sets of 707's and just call it a day?

    The way they play:
    Between the two, the older model (red / pink RG) has always had amazing resonance. It is really heavy and has lots of natural volume, you can play it without an amp and it just rings with tone because the body is so thick. The newer model (RGD Prestige) doesnt have as much natural resonance because the body is much less thick / resonant. However the RGD Prestige does have jumbo frets and I have it downed tuned like 3 steps and it still has decent tone at the low end. Possibly these factors will give you inormation like pickups that react better to guitars with natural resonance as opposed to longer fretboard / less resonance? Im not sure if that info helps or not...
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    INB4DJENTFLAME. Seems you're new here so I'll go easy.

    I have no idea what you are getting at here, but if you mean having one active pickup and one passive, it won't work.

    As far as pickup suggestions go, a lot of people on here use the Dimarzio crunchlab/liquifire combo. I have it in my RGD2127 and I like it. D activators seem like another suitable pickup. Can't comment on Bare Knuckle Pickups as I've never used them before, but there is a huge following around here.

    There are a lot of pickup suggestion threads on this forum, like seriously a LOT. Search on google and you are pretty much guaranteed multiple links to SS.org.
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    First off, your Red/pink-ish colored RG is the RG7420. The difference between the 7420 and the 7620 are the tremolo (7620 has the Lo-Pro Edge 7, the 7420 has the lo-TRS 7...) Both have the same body wood materials, Basswood.

    Now as for using a set of DiMarzio's in both would be cheaper and more beneficial to you than the EMG's would be. Since you seem to be new to a lot of this, I'll explain it to you. EMG 7-string pickups are NOT direct replacement pickups like the DiMarzio or the Duncan pickups are. The EMG 7-string pickups will need your guitars to get routed to be able to get them into the guitar. Depending on if your guitar shop has done EMG routing before, you may be looking at roughly $100 per route, which will be $200 per guitar, which would be $400 for both guitars to get routed, and that's just to have the the pickups to get into the guitars.

    To avoid spending any more money than you'll absolutely need to, forget considering the EMG's. Now since we ruled out the EMG's in your case, I would get 2 really good sets of DiMarzio pickups for both guitars. With the DiMarzio pickups in both your Ibanez's, you'll have a lot more dynamics and versatility than you would with the EMG's. I would get a set of the D-Activator 7's for the RG7420, and the CrunchLab and LiquiFire set for the RGD. You can also get 2 D-Activator 7 sets - 1 set for each guitar - and you'll have a MUCH better tone from both.

    Just make sure that whoever you have do the wiring, make sure they use the wiring diagram for the RG7620 when they put the pickups in the RG7420. If you/they don't then your pickups will not switch and sound correctly, the way they should. HERE is the diagram you'll need for this!!!

    Hope this helps, and good luck with which pickups you decide upon using for your guitars. Let us know how you make out and if you have any other questions.

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