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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by vilk, Jun 9, 2013.

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    My handwriting is HORRIBLE. I can write in cursive but my print is easier to read by a longshot.

    I LOVE good handwriting though, I love reading good handwriting when it is in cursive.

    Though reading in cursive isn't fast if they write very sloppy :p
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    Jun 3, 2010

    Love writing with fountain pens. Cursive is relentless but my writing is definitely starting to look nicer.
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    I've gotten into this enough that I thought I'd revive this thread.

    Last year I purchased a Pentel BL407 rollerball with an EnerGel cartridge simply because it looked somewhat eye-catching at the store and I thought I needed a pen that looked nice. I ended up really surprised with how smooth it felt while writing and how consistent the lines were. It simply made me more aware that writing by hand and taking notes didn't have to be a chore or a mere means to an end.

    It wasn't until the beginning of this year, however, that a friend of mine gave me a Hero 200A with a 14K gold nib that I really began to enjoy writing. Sadly, I lost that pen shortly after, but the feeling of writing with it stuck with me and I went on to get more fountain pens.

    That same friend gave me a pair of cheapo Jinhao 599A (which is just a clone of the Lamy Safari) which write surprisingly well. Since then, I got my own Lamy Safari in the limited edition Petrol color scheme, and a few colors of ink. Got myself some Rhodia notebooks as well. I've been obsessing a bit, honestly, but it's lovely. I've also taken up my cursive handwriting after years of not writing in that style, and I've been improving it and making adjustments. I've also been keeping a journal with frequent and regular entries for the last few months.

    Here's what I've got so far (excuse the poor image quality!):


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