Peavey 6505+ rhythm channel dead

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by kibayoukai, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Hey dudes,

    Last week at prac, I noticed none of the knobs on the rhythm channel did anything and the volume wouldn't go any louder than around 1. Did a bit of research and read some stuff about the power tubes being dead? If I look through the back, all the tubes are lit up and the lead channel works fine.

    How can I test if tubes are dead? Can I use a Multi-tester voltmeter or so? I don't have any other spare tubes lying around to individually swap to see if one of them is dead. Or is it better that I bring it in to a pro so I don't screw anything up?

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    From Roger Crimm via the Peavey amps forum 'Read This First' thread:
    5150 II/6505+

    If you look at the rear of the amp, the preamp tubes are again on the right side.
    Looking from right to left, the tubes are arranged as follows:
    #1 (far right) the rhythm channel
    #2 is shared by the rhythm and lead channel (input stage)
    #3 and 4- lead channel
    #5 effects loop driver
    #6 phase splitter

    Fried tubes are grey, not clear, on the inside.
    Good luck!

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