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    Aug 13, 2004
    hey evry one , new to this site I was reffered to this site from the digi sound comunitey sombody told me that a guy named Chris poasted some preaty sick patches to auto down load or manualy program for Digi gnx 3 I cant seem to find them? help Thanks VSTARR :yum: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Apr 19, 2004
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    Hey dude, that's me. :)

    The patches from the tune and clip I posted were actually made by Josh, and dialed in for my tune Midwinter.

    The thing is, they're layered patches, so alone they both sound thin. What we did when we recorded and mastered was record the first patch (Petrucci) two tracks mono left, then doubletracked it again with the second patch (Sevendust) two tracks mono right.

    After that we panned each hard, about 80% in each way, so what you end up with is a really thick stereo imaged tone with two distinct guitar parts (me playing the same thing twice) that while they both sound so-so alone, compliment each other. One's middy and midbassy, one's bassy and high-end, so it sweeps out nice. :)

    Again, I deserve zero credit aside from being the guy playin' the guitar - Josh made up the patches and the tone for the track, and they sound fucking badass if I may say so. :) The only thing cooler than having a studio is a friend that knows what he's doing to make you sound good.

    Anyhow. :)

    Here's the left patch:

    And the right patch:

    80/80 seems about the perfect fade mix for 'em. :)

    If you're looking for the tone in this clip:

    That's two tracks of the same tone, I took the default Hybrid tone and EQ'd it and dropped some of the muddier effects off, and played with the cab voicings a little. If you want that one, let me know and I'll upload that too.

    Good luck =)
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    Jul 2, 2004
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    Rock on. You stack differing sounds (your Petrucci & Sevendust example). I do the same thing. When I record, I record 2 tracks that are heavy, but not much gain. Then I record 2 tracks that are super heavy, super cut-through high end. Then when I mix, I mix one set a little higher than the other depending on the nature of the song.

    Good to see you doing the right mix thing there Chris :)

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