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    I've acquired a Sony A7R2, and decided that it's time to divest of my m4/3 equipment completely. First up is my GH4, in fantastic condition. This camera comes paired with a Varavon Armor GH4 cage. This is such a nice cage, very tightly fitted with a leather hand strap and top handle. Cutaways for battery, memory card, screen, cables - this does not interfere with any of the camera's numerous body functions. I am missing the cable locking piece though. The GH4's original box, manuals, strap, charger, and battery will be included. Two additional aftermarket batteries will be included. Nice way to start a filming rig. Can include free Minolta MD adapter if bought at full price.

    More information about the cage:
    Varavon Armor Cage for Panasonic GH4 & GH3 A-GH4 STD B&H
    These are the 5 Best Cages for the Panasonic GH4
    Varavon Armor Panasonic GH4 Cage - Review - DSLR Film Noob

    Second, the Panasonic 12-35 lens. This has picked up a little bit of external dust and grime along the way, but strictly cosmetic stuff that should wipe right off. Glass is in awesome condition, and this lens comes with a nice B+W UV/protection filter. Both caps and hood.

    20mm: Good condition, clean glass. Original version, razor sharp. Both caps. One cosmetic issue on focus ring, paint seems to have rubbed off a little.
    45mm: Good condition, clean glass. Silver original version, also razor sharp. Both caps, aftermarket hood. Also some cosmetic marks on focus ring and scuffs on hood.
    Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye: Silver with both caps, some cosmetic scuffs on integrated hood.
    Panasonic 45-175 X PZ: Very good condition. Black, both caps and original hood, no major cosmetic scuffs. Maybe some light marks here and there but very very minor, too small to capture on camera easily.

    Willing to accept a wide variety of payment options - anything that keeps money out of Paypal's hands is great. But if you want, we can negotiate a PP Goods with fees transaction too. Intl sales are possible but will require 'gift' payment and I accept no responsibility.

    PM me with any questions, concerns, offers, etc. I've been sporadic lately but I am now motivated to sell and will be paying close attention.

    COMING SOON: Sigma 18-35mm Nikon mount, Metabones Nikon Speed Booster (original version). These are not available yet, but please contact me if interested.

    Location (City,State or City,Country): Baltimore, MD
    Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM here
    References (eBay or other forum userid): Feedback under 'Promit' here, TGP, HC,, DPReview.

    Price (include currency and if firm/obo):
    All prices OBO shipped to US, pickup available in Baltimore area
    GH4 body+cage: 1300
    12-35mm: 600
    20mm (v1): 220
    45mm (silver): 200
    7.5mm (silver): 180

    Pictures: CLICK HERE for images of everything.

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