NSD: More World Music Instrument Hauling

Discussion in 'Jazz, Acoustic, Classical & Fingerstyle' started by Bloody_Inferno, Jan 22, 2017.

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    The day I got back in Melbourne, I saw this up for sale at the usual pawn shop. I wasted no time and grabbed it immediately, so here we are. :lol:


    This is an Japanese/Okinawan Sanshin, the smaller precursor to the larger more popular Shamisen. It's similar to a banjo, but with a much narrower neck, only 3 strings and no frets.

    Here's a crappy clip of me trying to play one of my own songs.

    Odd quirks are that the nut overlaps the headstock so hitting lower notes are a bit awkward, and the bridge is not securely stuck on the body, so that took a bit of time to get used to whenever I hit the strings too hard. Other than those, a fun little ditty. :)

    And yeah, these world instrument hauling is getting a bit out of hand now. :ugh:

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