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    So I just received my ABASI Pathos after one of the retailers leaked it before the official release
    (There is no official information on this pedal yet aside from basic specs and Wampler being the maker).

    First impressions: WOW this thing has a ton of gain. It was advertised as an overdrive pedal, so I prepared for something low gain, but the gain knob goes from clean boost to black metal/grindcore and anything in between with ease.

    The gain structure reminds me a bit of a more modern Friedman BE-OD with the mid shifted more towards the low side.
    The EQ is probably the most responsive EQ I've tried so far, even moreso than the Friedman BE-OD which I thought was pretty damn impressive. the sweep of the knobs are quite extreme so there is definitely a ton of different tones to be had out of this pedal, sometimes it's a bit too extreme but the sweep is nice and even without "humps" which makes it quite pleasant and user friendly when dialing in tones.
    The Smooth/Edge switch sits in a nice spot eq-wise as well, I definitely like it in both positions but prefer the Edge mode for what I do as it seems to add a bit of that telecaster spank which I like.

    The only thing I didn't like is that unity gain is a bit above noon on the volume knob, which is fine, but I prefer having unity at noon or just below to allow me to push the amp harder, but I have to play around with it a bit more to see how the sweep works as I believe I felt a bit more 'push' towards the end of the sweep if I'd want to use it as a boost rather than my main gain pedal.

    Anyhow, I'm going to stop rambling in a bit and let it speak for itself, all in all I think this is a great pedal, and although I have only spent an hour with it, I can say that it definitely has its place out there with the other modern drive pedals.

    Here's a picture and a video I recorded with my iPhone 8 (so quality is not the best) at just above bedroom volume.
    Amp is a H&K Tubemeister 40 with its EQ set to noon and completely clean, guitar is an Aristides 060 with custom BKP's (Based on their Holy Diver/Emerald pickups)
    Cab is a homemade cab with a G12T75 speaker.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me on here or elsewhere! I can also provice more demos and/or clips of it if you want to hear it in certain contexts.


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    Interesting, I just assumed it was yet another tubescreamer clone, after reading Thomann’s pretty generic description.

    I guess this makes more sense since Tosin was using the BE-OD as his gain sound into a clean amp, last I heard. The BE-OD is pretty great so now I’m curious about this haha.
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    Looks sexy and sounds very dynamic. Interested to hear the inevitable Ola demo :)

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