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    EDIT: somehow i totally missed the other thread on this same exact topic... sorry!

    i think this would be a cool option. instead of bumping threads like one of the millions of string gauge threads or "guise recommend me a cheap 8 string" with responses, threads that can be quickly finished off so the thread will fritter away and die.

    for example, (hypothetical situation)

    user1: hey guys, what a good string size for F standard on a 28.625' scale?
    maxofmetal: .74 should be okay, dont want to go overboard with such a long scale.

    but if you make this as like an option box, people who have good things to add will be able to, bumping the thread. its just when people get into a thread and inadvertently derail the thread, by carrying on with things that dont pertain to the thread directly, will be able to, just without bumping the thread.

    remember envenomdeckys (sp?) stolen LACS thread? people can say "damn dude.. bummer!" without bumping, and anyone with useful information can bump it.

    i dont want to appear butthurt, because im not, and im not talking about anybody in particular; ive just noticed a lot of this and i think it will help speed up the boards! :)

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