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    Dear all,

    Personal Trainer: Walking at Nintendo :: Games

    Ok, this may or may not necessarily be the correct location for this post. If it should go into the Computer Games area, apologies. I've been happily using this product since 06SEP2009. For your $49.99 you're getting a pair of pedometers (human or canine usable) and the game cartridge that is usable within either a Nintendo DS or a DSi. It's fairly simple, slip ye pedometer into a front pants pocket and walk about all day. They've attachable belt-clips if in the pocket isn't going to work for you and they seem to be fairly accurate, though you've not an easy means of checking said pedometers because they don't have much of a display (just a tiny LED that flashes either red or green).

    Apparently, you can have up to four different users on a single game cartridge. The data on said cartridge lasts for a rather long period of time before being re-written. Synching the pedometer and cartridge is as easy as placing the pedometer with sensor facing the DS*'s sensor on a table only an inch or two away and pressing and holding the button on the pedometer when prompted to by the software.

    You've the ability to change the number of steps you take within a day (measured 3AM to 2:59AM) in increments of 1000. I think that you need to accomplish more than 10,000 at one time in order to loose weight. The software is a bit kidsey and might be a little annoying for some, but I've found that the nag factor does not create negative reinforcement and thus does not generate disinterest in using the software/hardware. In fact, it can be fairly encouraging. The rating of your day's activity is summed up by a "time" and "animal" as far as how it relays your walking habit. You're sometimes given some "different" (read, "odd") mini-game goals. The latter require a high degree of honesty when you're answering the, "yes" or "no" question as to whether you've accomplished them or not.

    Anywho, this software/hardware is keeping me out of the apartment and actually physically doing something outside, which is always a good thing.

    Wish that you had more of a display on the individual pedometers and also had more choices for how you were feeling at the end of the day and the ability to leave a 150 character note concerning that feeling.

    Hope this helps.

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