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    Before buying one, I tried a few of the 2017 Premiums (this model and the similar blue sixer, a couple of 1027s) and there is nothing bad to say about them.
    If you wanted to be super picky, you could probably find some marks on the fretboard where the fret end rounding has been done (on a couple of frets) - but even that is smoothed out and only small and cosmetic. If that's the price for the nice rounding and stainless steel frets - it's not a big price.

    Compared to some of the sh*tty recent prestiges (neck alignement, size of the pocket, poor fret finish...not isolated incidents either), those guitars are awesome.
    I can see the draw towards a good Prestige if you like the trems (Prestige trems are better) or if you like the thinnest neck possible.
    In my case I wanted the slightly-less thin neck and a fixed bridge so I grabbed a 2017PBF. Now it's one of my very best guitars (alongisde things like Suhr, Tom Anderson or PRS).

    I can say I'll buy another Premium before another new Prestige.
    Crazy features (stainless frets, actual figured woods, luminlays) and solid guitars all around. I wouldn't have said that for a premium 3 years ago, but now I'm a believer.

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