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    Ok after 3 months of research and also saving a lot of money by working my ass off I got myself Ibanez RG8127z BK premium:hbang:
    I was going for rgd7421 but it's not available in my country and it doesn't come with all the accessories and free shit the premium guitar comes with..
    I am not a floyd rose guy but ya instantaneously fell in love with the edge zero tremelo system of the premium.Pretty easy to use and stuff..
    well I still hate the way a double locking guitar is tuned but ya have to get used to this stuff..:scream:
    always have and always will be a fan of fixed bridge :p
    Enough of the bullshit let's get to the point
    Love the guitar..looks amazing ,feels amazing
    I have never had a prestige before but ya this is by far the best guitar I have played.:shred:
    I did try ibanez prestige 1527z in store,and according to me the premium felt much better , weight and feel and price wise..
    Well,If I had the money for a prestige would have eventually bought it neglecting the feel cause man prestige is a prestige..
    Japanese quality is better than indonesian stuff

    Rest the body is top notch..
    I didn't find any scratches and the finish is good..pretty good for the price and everyone says that the stock pickups suck and maybe they are right but I'm totally digging them..
    good pinch harmonics and all..
    well eventually i am going to replace them with CL/LF or Sonic 7 or something
    but for now they are fine .. works well with my pod :fawk:

    and it comes in a pretty amazing's not actually a hard case but ya looks and feel good..I don't know how much it can sustain but quality wise it's pretty good..
    and some free stuff like the ibby guitar kit with allen keys,screwdrivers and all it's fuck awesome..

    When I got it I stood there for like 5 minutes admiring the guitar case..:D
    Well m not able to upload any good quality photos cause my cellphone camera sucks.. you can surely check out the video... just messing around with it..

    Pretty Happy with Premium..
    well I still want one rgd2127z, maybe in future but for now this baby is killer..

    Ibanez rg827z Bk premium(stock pickups) - YouTube

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