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    I'm from southern Oregon. I've played for 7 years on a k7. I'm into a lot of stuff including but not limited to: MMA 3-1 as an amateur, boxing 2-1, grappling Purple belt and medaled at every tournament. I like working on hot rods, I'm currently working on a 57 4 door wagon. we're doing a suicide conversion on the rear doors and building the 283 into a 311 roller with FI.

    I love playing guitar. I love extended range guitars and unique guitars. I like custom humble amps built by local luthiers. I dunno just kinda like the originality that a person can get from the music gear they collect. I don't have anything against fender or Gibson but I cant see paying for them. trading sure but shelling out the cash for them? not for me.

    I know this isn't a F/S or F/T post but.....If I were theoretically going to trade my M80M it would be for another K7 or Apex 100. just saying.

    Looking forward to getting to know the forum. I'm well acquainted with forum etiquette as I'm a member of several other forums relating to tons of stuff. In the event that I Post too much "non-guitar" oriented stuff, please forgive me. I tend to cross post on forums to find like minded individuals.

    So I'm curious, who else on here is into classics and sport fighting? Obviously were all into guitars but what's your favorite configuration and brand?

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