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Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by hereticemir, Jul 24, 2011.

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    Hi ,
    I just got reaper and have the pod HD500 and guitar is their anything else i'll need to get started recording a drum program. working on first studio DAW:scratch:
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    Not being a dick but this made little sense, so I'm guessing

    A) You're new
    B) You haven't got a Drum Sample Program (or bass ?)
    C) You haven't worked in Reaper before

    a) Hi there

    B) Well if you are looking for a drum program I can suggest 3 of the top ones I've heard and personally used, so lets a go! (no mario reference here)

    1:EzDrummer + Expansions - EzDrummer is the first one I came into contact with and for what it is, it's VERY basic but in the right hands can work magic, if you expect it to work out of the box you may not be hearing the awesomeness it can get. Well if you look online there are many ways of making it sound better, but this will take alot of post processing inside your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Compression, EQ, Dynamics, and other features. It's also pretty nifty since it has many expansions, the stock one is pretty much ideal for Rock/Pop, while the DKFH (drumkit from hell) is ideal for metal, etc, etc.

    2:Addictive Drums- This is kind of a love hate program I find (I am biased though as I have been a ToonTrack fan for a long time) but the results with this program seem to favour those who don't want to spend forever tweaking the shizniz out of the drums. As this program has unique presets which settle into a mix almost instantly, and for those who do like to fanny about you can also make your own EQ's compression, etc inside the programs own mixer. Which is more than handy and all props to them. Pretty much any style can be done inside the stock player, but there is also expansions and such which can be bought!

    3:Superior Drummer 2.0 - Ez's new face and also alot better and bigger, (no shit 20 GB). This is just basically a massive overhall of EzDrummer but has alot better sounds, you can pretty much do anything inside the mixer like AD, and more, the presets are nice but one day you will want to learn everything your self and make your own presets and patches, this is something the original EZ lacked. But the quality of each sample is amazing.

    Now there is something all 3 of these players have if you are not so good at writing your own grooves, and that is a built in groove MIDI library. This library contains different styles and grooves in which to add to your riffs or songs. Bare in mind however they do sound a tad robotic and unnatural.

    Also these 3 samplers are also not free and might be a bit pricy but they make one hell of a difference than using built in DAW kits I've seen. The next best thing bar the above 3 is to just record your own Drums.

    C) For working in Reaper I have little experience with, but youtube is your friend and there may be some users here if you have trouble navigating it.
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