need help in a waaaaaaay to overlayered mix

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by kamello, Dec 6, 2018.

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    hey guys, Im having some issues getting this song "right".
    so far I think that the main issues are that clarity gets lost with the sheer ammount of things happening at the same time, but I've already heard bands with a similar aproach getting good results (Corelia, Uneven Structure, Periphery)

    the different tones and sounds by themselves are actually quite thin so I think the issue here has more to do with levels rather than EQ or multiband comp

    the other issue are vocals, they are sounding very amateur-ish to me and they don't make justice to this awesome singer, yet, for other projects I've had no problem with this
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    Hey there!

    I like what you got going here, and I can fuck with the vibe here. But it sounds like the balancing of this is really off. The drums are kind of eating a lot of space due to being so processed off the bat (I would tame that high end just a touch). Some of the layers are getting lost in this. it would help to back the compression off on these. The vocalist is also extremely loud, and the verb/delay is consuming everything as well. It would help to tame some of these things a little. Pan your tracks out in a staggered manner (if you already are, disregard). If they are thin, give them a bit of life by playing around with the mid-to-low frequencies. And I think you're right that messing with the leveling would probably help a lot. And if possible, trying EQing the vocalist's verb too.

    As for his actual performance, it does appear to be very spotty. He seems to be closing up when he goes high and I'm just unsure there is a solution outside of re-tracking. I appreciate his emotion, but it sounds like he is looking for notes the whole time. Not sure you can simply get around that one :)
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