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    I just got a Jackson Monarch (their "metal" version of a Les Paul), and the neck pup is lacking on the top end and maybe upper mids, it's just way too muffled. I cut out the tone control as I don't need it, and messed with height of the pup and pole pieces, but it's still not there.

    The pup is ceramic with about 8.5k ohms resistance. If I understand correctly, maybe an Alnico 2 or 5 will give more highs and clarity, and even less resistance will help too (although 8.5k is already pretty low, right?). Any thoughts on specs and pup recommendations?

    For some added info for anyone interested, I put a D-Sonic in the bridge with the pole pieces toward the bridge and am happy with it. Less honky than in a RG321 I had tried it in that was also mahogany/maple neck/rosewood fretboard. Both guitars are not very heavy, maybe what you'd call "cheap" mahogany. I also used Daddario 10-52 tuned to Db standard.

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