NAD/NCD - Fender Prosonic and Laney IRT 213

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    I just wanted to share with a new year comes anew rig. I've always wanted a head and cabinet that could have good cleans, and high gain. With a baby and being in Asia, it also could not break the bank. So I was a taken aback when the fender prosonic showed up used in Indonesia's equivalent of Craigslist. I bought it and then found a good deal on a laney irt 212 cab.

    For those unaware, google fender prosonic. Basically, they were made between 1996 and 2002, and were Fender's highest gain amp. It is still one fender's best amps and highest gain amp with its cascading gain stages.

    This has a clean channel and a gain channel, with shared eq. The gain channel has gain 1 and gain 2, which are precursors to what you see in the supersonic. The sounds are awesome. The clean channel is beautiful. The gain channel is awesome - from hard rock to extreme metal.

    And this has no master volume so it can get loud really quick. Thankfully the channel volumes works well. I don't need to turn it past 1.5 to get good bedroom tone. But the sucker starts to shake the room when the volume is past 2.

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