NAD - A Soldano from the far east

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by MBMoreno, Sep 18, 2014.

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    Apr 21, 2013
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    Wasn't going to do a NAD thread, mainly because I can't plug it in for at least another month for a decent review (only tried it at the seller's house), but I'm kind of curious as to what opinions float around about these amps.

    Boring stuff now:
    I'd been eyeballing this thing ever since they dropped to the current price to complement my Carvin V3 (a smaller amp is nice sometimes... a lot of times) and recently, I found myself with some extra money in hand (summer job tips), and a local guy selling one "new" (5 to 10 hours of use according to him, cause living in an apartment sucks). The amp is now mine, so there's that.

    TL;DR #1
    Mini-Review/First impressions:
    This thing growls - it has a lot more gain than I was expecting, and it handles my 7 string surprisingly well. That being said, it will definitely get better once I change out the stock Chinese tubes - I think there's not a lot of thinking to be made about those. It has a nice aggressive crunch and distortion while still being smooth (hope that makes sense). I didn't have the chance to crank it, and being the amp that it is... Soon...
    It also seems quiet, although I only tried it at moderate volumes and with the guitar straight in.
    The only things I see my self missing in the future are the inability to turn off the FX loop and the lack of a volume boost (I'm spoiled by the V3). I also think the closed front can be a pain in the ass in terms of lack of ventilation, but I have to give it a good spin first to be sure.

    TL;DR #2
    Crappy pics:
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    happy NAD,

    Drop a set of Tung Sol 12AX7 in it and either JJ EL84 or TAD EL84 and bias it slightly hot (mine has plate voltage of 382 so I went to 21mA) and it sounds totally Brown and very 80's hair metal.

    bias cool (did mine at 17.8mA) and its remarkably modern and 6505 sounding.

    I also reversed the chassis (the blue front with the 333 is silly, the newer black ones look much better).

    Ended up trading it for a JR Dark Terror but the JCA22H is a remarkable amp for the money. Good score!:hbang:

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    Sep 30, 2012
    Those are nice little amps. A friend let me borrow his a while back and with a Decimator and Green Rhino OD up front and an eq in the loop I got some nice tight metal tones out of it, especially when cranked. Holds up nice with a drummer as long as they don't try to get all Hulk on the kit. Was pleasantly surprised with it.

    Happy NAD!
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    Apr 8, 2010
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    I actually played a gig last night with one of these little fellas after recently acquiring it, went really really well. I too was surprised with the amount of gain it had available, was almost a bit too much for the indie/rock gig I was playing at but even so it managed to stay reasonably clean up to gigging volumes in a 5 piece band in a medium sized venue. definitely change the tubes, the guy I bought mine from also changed the front panel and put some chicken heads on it and it looks 100% better. enjoy your new amp dude! let us know what tubes you decide to throw in there :)
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    I've been curious about these for quite some time. I still need to try one out.

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