My OIL City Pickup (UK) experience

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    Nov 6, 2009
    For an Ibanez RGD Customisation project I used some Oil City Pickups.

    Needed for this Custom project some special made Pickups. Internal and external. So only BK and Oil City came up my list. Because of BK prices I decided to get in contact with Ash of Oil City. Very friendly and helpful person from a small and experienced company who gain my trust. Had several telephone cals to get a clear image of my expectations. Tight/Warm/Percussive/Articulate/Open/Responsive/Clear was the objective for the Bridge Pickup for this Ash/Mahony Guitar.

    Bridge: Transonic Alnico 8 / Ceramic
    The Oil City Transonic Pickup has a combination of 1 Alnico 8 and 2 Ceramic Magnets. Its is with 13,5K a fairly low wind pickup. It is an open, articulate, tight and fast responsive pickup that has, at the same time, some bit of compressed warmth. Never experienced this combination of this warm and tightness before. It is clear but not sounding bright or has that annoying JB frequency. Also its articulation on pick attack makes it sound very modern to my ears. In this guitar i like it very much and slams you in the stummick if needed. Talking with Ash the owner of Oil City has really helped me ou here.

    Neck: Nightfighter Alnico IV
    The Oil City Nightfighter Pickup has Alnico 4 Magnets.
    Its is with 9K a fairly low wind pickup. And in perfect balance with the Transonic. It is an warmth smooth sounding pickup with all the Alnico IV characteristics.
    I only use this Pickup for clean or jazzy parts. And for this it is perfect.

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    Jun 20, 2009
    I've got oil city pickups in all but one of my guitars.
    My favourites are the Alnico II nightfighters in my Parker Nitefly and the Blackbirds in my PRS CE22.

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