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    Mean ideal is a Electronic Dance project by former Keltic Jihad and Akarusa Yami guitarist. If you're not familiar with those bands then don't worry as we never got very far :D Both bands are based in Nottingham, UK.

    I got in to Dance music about a decade ago, originally from a Metal background. I like to stay true to everything I've ever liked however - I'm not one to switch tastes when something new and interesting comes along; I'm like a snowball, I get bigger as I roll more :D

    My main aim with Mean ideal is to bring guitars back in to Dance Music. This is nothing new, but I feel it's important as it seems like more mainstream music these days is trying to get rid of guitars and real instruments and focus more on digital music making. Digital music making is great, but as a musician I think real instruments should always be pursued if you have any serious interest in music.

    I've been playing guitar for just about 2 decades now and although my rig is cheap and budget I can get pretty decent results from it. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to upgrade my rig and have nice expensive 7 string guitars with active pickups (my current guitar only has passive pickups :( ) but I can get some good results with my current setup, so it's all good... for now :D

    Right from the start I've always been into down tuning my guitar. I've always felt it's the proper way to get a contemporary metal sound. My current guitar is a pretty inexpensive Schekter diamond series 7 string with effectively 8 string tuning (all the low strings minus the 8th high string). It's basically a 7 string drop 6, with a standard 6 string tuned down to B from the 2nd string onward and a low F# for the bottom string. I love this tuning and find it really flexible and natural. I can't see me going any lower, but then I did think that when I got my first 7 string in standard tuning!

    I hope to network and meet new people. I'm also open to collaborate and I've got a few good recording techniques to share!

    Finally here's a link to a youtube video of a style that I'm currently working on, fusing Industrial/Djent metal with Dubstep :D All guitars are recorded and performed by me, enjoy!

    Take care!

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