My dog's 3rd back surgery.

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    Well, SSO family. Once again, I'm reduced to begging for scraps. My puppy, Buzz needs to have his 3rd disk surgery due to his IVDD. Simply put: he herniated a disk right about his tail, and it compresses the spinal cord causing complete paralysis. But this particular spot would mean that he's unable to express his own bladder and bowels, and I can't live with having to put him down. Now, this wouldn't be an issue, but literally last week, I had to pay $3500 for an ER visit and kidney stone removal. This is a last resort, but if everyone can share this on their social media, and donate what they can, I'd be forever in your debt.

    (Mods please allow this plug) I'm also selling my Kiesel AM7 Multiscale to help with the cost, and will accept payment to his YouCaring. Spec'd at $3k, asking $2500 obo. Emphasis on make an offer. I need to help my baby. c11be592-3217-4cf9-bae4-bbd9ac20474a_profile.jpg 17424812_10209789843080651_3383541574764385548_n.jpg 17425914_10209789844280681_6421775242723895477_n.jpg 17457621_10209789840760593_8199540146212612651_n.jpg

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