Muscle building diet on the cheap?

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    canned tuna in the us is pretty cheap, though there is varying qualities (basically how many guatemalan children's fingers you want ground in with the meat, some or none). Canned fish can be had for anywhere from .50-1$ a can depending on the size of the can. Good albacore tuna costs like 2-3$ a can/bag. Frozen tuna is pretty pricy at around 7-10$ a pound iirc. Frozen chicken is like 2-3$ a pound. Basically it's the same here as there, buying frozen and in bulk is the cheapest (if you're dollar cost averaging) but for the OP's purpose canned goods are just fine.
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    I'm not going to quote all the things again.

    Saying IIFYM is restrictive and works when you watch your micronutrients is 1. like saying You could swim from europe to america if you where a whale and 2. not what all the hip guys do.
    By definition IIFYM ignores micronutrients because they are irrelevant to whom ever came up with that. It says so in the name. I won't argue it's restrictive. But eating nothing is too and will loose you fat too. That doesn't make it healthy.

    But really, the fitness world is so full of opinions and people with no scientific credibility spewing pseudo truths around, that i don't care anymore. If you feel IIFYM lets you reach your goals, more power to you.

    Second thing is, if you are really poor (in like, you struggle to come up with the money to eat), canned tuna is pretty bad bang for your buck. If it's about the protein, chicken and turkey deliver much better protein for your money. If it's about eating something that makes you full for long on the cheap and still leans you out a bit, you can't beat brown rice and frozen vegetables. I can get 1kg of good brown rice for .5€. And that is a minimum of 5 meals worth of eating. Adding about .5€ of frozen vegetables per meal makes you really full for 1€ here. Even with chicken you're at 2€ max. A can of tuna cost nearly the same and won't make you full for half a day.
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    Whole milk, peanut butter, cheap whey protein (cheapest $/g of protein by far). There is plenty of detail in this thread and elsewhere but eat a healthy balanced diet and use these items to boost your calories and protein on the cheap and you really can't go wrong.

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