Moving from 6 to 7, advice on model/pups

Discussion in 'Beginners/FAQ' started by Charming_Edgar, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Nov 16, 2011
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    So I've been playing guitar, self taught, on a fake strat my family got from a chain shop as cheap as they could.
    Since starting up on this awful contraption and it's bundled amp I've got my hands on a transtube RAGE 158 Peavey amp and borrow an ash Mazeti 7 string guitar.
    Since I returned this Mazeti my start just doesn't feel right, I've been thinking of moving to a 7 permanently, do you guys think it's a wise thing to do?
    I've been thinking of buying an Ibanez RG7321FM but I've heard it's pickups aren't great so again I need advice on pickups, preferably Dimarzios, bearing in mind i tend to play a lot of lead high and some heavier riffs.

    Sorry if my post is a bit scattered and unclear, I've got a lot to find out and I'm relatively new to the actual technical bits of guitars themselves.
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    Jul 6, 2010
    7s rule and you can change pickups so find a guitar that feels nice.
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    As far as going with a 7-string for good, why not? If you find it to be more comfortable and easier for you to play, then go for it. I always find the 7-string to be more versatile than the 6, especially if you have one with a fixed bridge - you can do all kinds of altered tunings to play different things then tune it back up or down when your done.

    As for pickups for it, that all depends on mainly the guitar. If your looking at something like the Ibanez RG7321FM, then a set of DiMarzio's would be ideal for it. I and lots of others here have tried and true proven experience of using the D-Activator 7's in RG7's with very pleasing results. I have heard from lots of others that the CrunchLab and LiquiFire set is really good to in these. Some find the Tone Zone 7 to be too muddy and not a good choice for the RG7's, but I've had good results with it in an RG7 & in an older UV7BK. But I would say that the DA7 set is gonna be one of the best bets for passives you can get for these Ibanez's.

    *NOTE: If you do intend to use the DiMarzio pickups in the Ibanez, make sure you use the wiring diagram for the RG7620 to wire them in correctly. The 7321's pickups are wound and built differently and with different color coding than the DiMarzio pickups do. If you wire the DiMarzio's in the same way as the Ibanez pickups, certain switch positions won't work and certain tones won't be correct and as they should be.

    There's a lot of good posts on here regarding pickups and guitars, so feel free to look around and to ask.

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