Motherboard Transplant

Discussion in 'Computers, Electronics, IT & Gaming' started by Necris, Jun 29, 2016.

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    So, I've been thinking about transferring my motherboard to a new case. I originally built my PC in an MSI Barricade case, mainly because the case was cheap and it worked.
    While it has certainly served its purpose the case has some drawbacks some due to design and some due to 4 years of use:

    1.) It's louder than I'd like it to be since I record in the same room.

    2.) One of the fans died early on but I didn't replace it because it didn't have much of an impact on the cpu temperature even at full load, but now the exhaust fan sounds like it's on its way out (it's not just dusty). So I could well be down down to 1 intake fan and my CPU fan in the near future. I could buy new a whole new set of quieter fans to solve this but that doesn't address the issue that...

    3.) There simply aren't enough drive bays for me to use all of my drives. My SSD is just kind of hanging out on top of the cage for the drives. :lol:
    (I can't use them all anyway since I've about hit the max wattage on my power supply but I can pick up a replacement when I get a new case.)

    4.) Less Important issues: The USB 3.0 setup on the case is an absolute joke.Cable management was a pain. The Barricade itself is ugly as .... and I'd like something more unassuming.

    I did my research and think I've more or less decided on a Fractal Define R5, partially because I like how it looks and also because putting my brother's PC together for him in that exact case was an absolute breeze. So I just need to know now, how much of a pain in the ass should I expect this process to be beforehand and does anyone have any alternative case options?
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    As long as the case supports the kind of board you have, it should be pretty straight forward. The biggest thing to worry about is static, but if you're careful, that will be a non issue.
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    Even static is nothing to be worried about really, just touch the case and discharge any static before you start handling the components. The biggest ass pain will come from unplugging all of your PSU cables from the board, moving it over and then reconnecting everything.
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    Removal shouldn't take long. Reinstallation is pretty easy too, can even bypass some of the normal steps unless you want to take the opportunity to reapply thermal compound for your CPU etc. You've done it before, it'll go faster the next time. I moved my entire rig into a Silverstone RV03 after my previous case developed some wiring issues, and despite adjustments for the rotated design it was a breeze. Granted, it's also a much better and more spacious case than my last one :lol:

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