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    As there are not too many details about ManneDesign guitars, i thought that it might be useful to write some words about my new ManneDesign Ventura Classic R7.
    ManneDesign is the serial production of Manne guitars, which are actually mainly custom guitars. Mannedesign guitars are made in China, but the quality and the finish of my guitar at least are excuisit. Actually the finish of this guitar was the thing made me try out the guitar.
    I owed many guitars and 6 other 7 string guitars (4 Schecter, one Carvin and one Ibanez) and i tried out many other 7 string guitars. My Mannedesign is one of the best so far.
    The exact model and the specifications of this guitar you can find it on the following link: ManneDesign Ventura Classic R7 | Nordsound
    The first thing that i would say about this guitars is that it has a very well ballances tonal characteristics. No random freqvencies, everything sound in the right place (I'm sound engineer in my daily work, so this aspect counts a lot). I'm very surprised about the quality of the wood on this guitar. I was expecting more randomness from a China build guitar.
    The second thing i mention is the low action and the playability of the neck. No fretbuzz on this guitar and the action is pretty low. It has a super fast neck and it's quite comfortable.
    The third thing is the finish on this guitar. I'm quite a picky person, but on this guitar i could not really name too many critics.
    The only thing i did not liked at all about this guitar was the bridge pickup. It sounds pretty cheap. The output is quite big and the sound is very muddy and quite confusing. So, that's probably something that one needs to change. The neck pickup sound pretty good though.
    I purchaised this guitar from an Manne endorser (Horea Crisovan). Knowing that i'm a 7 string guitar fan, he invited me to try out the guitar and i simply could not refuse buying it, even i have other guitars in use. I don't know if the guitar was something that he personally picked, but it's a really good guitar for the money one plays for it (about 600 EU). I mean for this money you can't buy a better quality guitar.

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