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    BLACK JACK by MAK crazy sound technology is a unique guitar synthesizer. This device allows you to achieve a variety of sounds such as organ, synthesizer, sitar, and others. Black Jack controls allows very flexible and finely balance sound of your instrument and achieve various results. OCTO knob mixes the sound of the guitar to the +1 (polyphonic) octave, which allows you to make the sound very rich and saturated. REVERB control allows you to apply reverb to a signal. HOLD button allows to freeze the desired portion of the sound for a long time, thus creating a sound substrate (hereinafter HOLD) on top of which you can strum a tune. BALANCE knob controls the sound balance between SIGNAL (far left knob) and HOLD and sets required combination of the signal both levels. VOLUME - overall output volume. The pedal has four HOLD modes. PRESS mode - press and hold the HOLD button when you need to freeze the sound. REALISE mode - press once and release, the sound will automatically stretch to hold the next section of the sound to repeat the operation. ICE mode allows for cold and fading sound when using the button HOLD. THEW is a warm mode with slowly decay, reminiscent of choral singing. All operating modes and controls perfectly combined with each other, giving you a unique device.

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    Did you review your own pedal and still only give yourself a 4 for customer support?

    Aim higher, bro!

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