FS Macbook pro 15.4" i7 core 16gb ram

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    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Macbook Pro 15.4" i7 core
    Modifications (if any): No
    Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Box, cables, mouse, carrying case.
    Location (City,State or City,Country): Stirling, Ontario, Canada
    Contact Info (No Phone #s) pm here
    References (eBay or other forum userid): on here, reverb, ebay
    Price (include currency and if firm/obo): $2500CAD or $1875 US
    Pictures: I'll post a link to dropbox here

    So I had the urge to record this year but as you might have noticed on here, I'm selling everything because of financial needs.

    Anyway this thing was purchased in January, new from best buy. It is the top model of production for its year 2016, it was purchased intentionally because I wanted all of the port options, thunderbolt, USB, usb-c, SD and others, for full specs see dropbox album.

    Macbook Pro
    15.4" retina display
    I7 core 2.2ghz (turbo boost to 3.4ghz)
    16gb DDR3 ram
    ISO High Sierra
    Multiple ports, (see photo)

    This was purchased with a 4 year best buy warranty that obviously still has 4 years left on it, comes with original box, carrying bag, air mouse, 2 charging cables, air mouse cable, all paperwork and receipt from best buy. Total purchase price for me was just over $3,300CAD or $2,500 US and since it has only been opened once since purchase and it is only a couple months old I feel that $2,500 CAD or $1,875 US if fair asking price.

    If your intentions are to record I also have a resident audio thunderbolt interface with cable for crazy low latency recording, and beyerdynamic 880 headphones both like new with original packaging I can sell you cheap too.

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