Lollar Blonde 7-St. Single Coil

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by JohnIce, Oct 20, 2010.

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    The Lollar Blondes (neck and middle pickups in my case), have a really clean but punchy tone. There's a midrange dip which I personally prefer in singlecoils, which places the pickup sort of in a vintage-modern place, it's sparkly and distinct but not overly hi-fi sounding. My guitar has 24 frets, so the neck pickup isn't where it would be on a regular strat, but despite that it sounds very "Fendery". Many neck pickups can sound lifeless to me on a 24 fret guitar, this one definately doesn't.

    The sound is traditionally "thin" compared to what you'd expect from a humbucker (again, it might sound different on a 22 fret guitar), but to my ears it's definately not a bad thing. In fact it just makes the low B (or A in my case) sound clearer and punchier. I've never had a 7 with such a useable neck pickup on the low strings. On the top strings, it's your standard strat sound... with a slight emphasis on the high mid/treble frequencies. Eric Johnson comes to mind, Iron Maiden don't.

    They are not technically hum-cancelling (which is why I gave "Features" a 4 out of 5), but they've been quiet enough for any practical purposes. Maybe some rooms and computer monitors could cause them to hum, I don't know but it hasn't happened to me at least. I can't hear any difference in hum when switching from either of the singlecoils to the bridge humbucker (a DiMarzio PAF7).

    Speaking of which, they balance very well in output with the Paf7, in fact they might even have a tad more output. However they're still singles and would probably not blend too well with most of the popular hotter pickups from DiMarzio, Duncan, BKP etc. But that's a compromise you always have to make with an HSS guitar, I personally like low-output humbuckers so it's not a problem for me but I know many people around here prefer hotter pickups.

    In conclusion I think it's a fantastic pickup, very dynamic and sensitive to picking variations. It also keeps up really well with fast alternate picking, which many singlecoils (including more expensive, vintage Fender pickups) fail at. It seems to me that singlecoils with leveled pole pieces work better for Petrucci-style "shred" than staggered ones do, I don't know why though so take that with a grain of salt.

    Hope this review was informative, seeing as how few options there are for 7-string single coils :)
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    nice review man. sounds like ill be going with these and maybe a PAF7 or some other dimarzio for my forthcoming HSS 7 :)

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