Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless - I have to disagree with the reviews

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by Rev2010, Aug 26, 2010.

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    I have 2 of the G-30 systems, both of which are mounted to my pedalboard. I have them both routed to a Morley A/B/C pedal with A & B being both of the G-30's, and C being the cable backup.

    I play consistently with these and I found right away that I have no use for the cable emulation, so I do not use it at all. I swapped out their cables and cut/soldered my own with heavier duty jacks. Despite the housings being plastic, I've never had an issue with the receivers, but on one of the transmitters, the strap clip broke off right away as I attempted to mount it to my LM Enterprises Luxury Leather Strap with the hidden tail. It's a thicker strap and the plastic on the housing isn't as strong as the clip itself. I used epoxy to re-affix it back on, and now I use some wristbands to cover them up on the strap just to provide some extra bumper protection.

    Theyve otherwise performed well for me, not one single dropout, other than when I didn't ensure that the battery door was securely snapped shut. I'm never more than about 20 feet from my pedalboard and the receivers, and I pretty much have them in line of site at all times along with my HD500X, so I know pretty much everything that is going on at any given time with this rig.

    I would like to see Line 6 just simply add a "wireless option" to these units, so that they have wireless reception under the hood as an upgrade option, then they can just ship you the respective transmitter, ie; Helix (Wireless/G30/G50/G70), and make it globally applicable that when you plug in a cable to the respective input jack, that wireless activity is then overridden.

    These receivers don't take up a lot of real estate, and they could be incorporated into some more of their high end units.

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