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    The Line 6 Pod 2.0 has been in continuous production for close to 14 years now. It was once a very well regarded amp modeler used (in either its "bean" format or the rackmount Pod Pro) by some big name bands like Meshuggah and Fear Factory, among many others. It has become so obscure with the coming of more advanced modelers that a lot of players don't even know they are still made. But it is seemingly a fixture in Line 6s product lineup as their entry-level modeler, and for good reason, as it is really a very good little device.

    I bought the Pod 2.0 because A.) I'm not wealthy B.) I'm not a professional musician and don't require top dollar gear, and C.) I like to collect and utilize obscure and outdated effects. The Pod 2.0 isn’t the cheapest modeler on the market at $200 new, but in my opinion it outclasses the comparably priced Digitech and Zoom modelers. It offers true stereo line level outputs rather than the instrument-level outputs of inexpensive multi-effects pedals. It is also fully MIDI compatible, which you can do a number of things with like storing tones on a computer, transferring tones to another Pod, changing parameters with a MIDI controller, or automating program changes with a sequencer. It has a sturdy metal case which is nice. Comes with a heavy duty power supply and most of the necessary manuals, but for some reason not the Advanced Guide, which is available on Line 6s website.

    As far as ease of use, it definitely gets a 5. It is a very intuitive device to use, and really only gets a little confusing when doing the MIDI stuff. Pretty much plug and play with a brief skimming of the manuals.

    Features I'd rate at a 4. It actually has more amp models than the current POD HD desktop, though the sound quality and feel is of course not quite on par with that. It has 18 effects, 6 of which can be used simultaneously. The 2.0 lacks the USB or S/PDIF output of the HD, but instead includes the MIDI compatibility, which the HD desktop does not have. But if you have a recording interface you can just plug the 1/4" outs into it. Its got everything I need, but some people may want a little more out of a modeler.

    Can't really comment on reliability as I've only owned it a month. Value I'd give a 4; you do get a lot for the money, and if it was maybe $50 less new I'd rate it a five but it's a little overpriced I feel.

    Sound and expressiveness I'd rate at 4. The clean and crunch sounds are pretty stellar and respond well to playing dynamics and volume changes. The high gain sounds are pretty good but a lot of the models really need a Tube Screamer type overdrive to sound tight (but so do most real high gain amps). The Pod 2.0 has no tube screamer model, only a gain boost which does nothing for the tightness, so your only option is to use an external pedal. This is not a bad thing, as the Pod 2.0 works very well with overdrive pedals. I previously owned a Behringer V-Amp Pro and with a Boss SD-1 in front of that, you got no volume boost even with the level maxed. On the Pod there is a noticeable boost in volume and gain when an external overdrive is placed before it. The cabinet models are where you may run into some trouble; they're not the best in the world, especially for someone used to using IRs. You sometimes have to do counter-intuitive cab pairings to get a really good sound. The effects aren't outstanding but they're pretty good for most purposes. The compressor, chorus and delays are better than the others.

    Overall I'm totally satisfied with it though. I'd give it a 4. Its a good entry level modeler with a lot of useful features. I'd recommend it.
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    I love that in almost 2014 there's a new review of the Pod 2.0 :) You've got some good points; despite it not being on par with the HD (let alone Axe Fx or anything at that end of the spectrum) it is a fun and decent sounding unit for home practice. Hell, I used to play with a guy a million years ago that used his live even though he had a fantastic half-stack. Nice review.

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