Lepsky S8 Cyclone

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    Howdy, everybody! :wavey:

    Guess it'll be the 1st review of Lepsky Guitars (which is russian custome built guitar company run by Eugene Lepsky). Go check his state-of-the-art instruments: lepsky.ru

    Adv apart, now back to the subject.

    I had never owned an 8 string guitar before I got this babe, nor had I played one, so this was a 100% surprise for me... that proved to be a really awesome piece of wood. : )

    Body: white ash;
    Neck: through body, 5pc hard maple/wenge;
    Fretboard: ebony with no inlays (exept for those on the side of the neck), radius 20";
    Frets: 24 Jescar Stainless Steel Frets
    Bridge: Hipshot 8-String Hardtail, strings-thru-body
    Pickups: Bare Knuckle 8 String Aftermath Set;
    Scale: 27";
    Controls: 3 way toggle, 1 volume push pull;
    Tuners: Hipshot Grip-Lock;
    Hardware color: Black;
    Finish: transparent white, matt;

    Scratching the surface (which I wouldn't recommend to do with your guitar :D ), I can say that this one is the best guitar I ever happened to lay my hand on. : )

    But it's a review, eh? So let's dive into details! :)

    Speaking of its sound I would say it has punch (thanks to Aftermath pickups), transparent clean, wide range of frequencies with temperate bass, striking middle and ringing high, you name it... Well-ballanced sound. As an aditional treat you can feel a nice vibration with your tummy! :) Btw there's this hearsay spread around that neck-thru construction gives a great deal of sustain, but kills all the punch. Bullsh...nonsense! This one has both.

    Can't complain about design for that was built to my taste. I really adore how transparent white expose all the beauty of ash...reminds me of white stockings :yum: You know what I'm saying,eh? ;)

    As for functionality, I wouldn't call Lepsky Cyclone a djent-machine for it has various types of clean due to push-pull potentiometer and 3-way toddle switch that sums up to 6 different sounds.
    You can easily play Tosin Abasi, Periphery, Meshuggah or some jazz stuff...it's up to the player.

    I guess I've got to put in a word for Eugene whose endeavors caused this beauty to come into the world. He's a good sport, pleasant and responsive. It goes without saying that you can contemplate the fruits of his hard work forever. And play them twice as much.

    Tnx for your attention! I'm a newbie here, so don't be mad at me pls, I'm already having a hard time writing all this. :)

    I want to know what you think of this review so feel free to comment!

    P.S. Yea...I'm from Russia, so my English is far from perfect( sorry

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    Greetz, bro!

    That's right, Lepsky guitars kick some serious ass :)) You can say that by watching youtube clips by Sergey Golovin or The Korea.

    Not the cheapest out there, I must admit though. But after all, average of 2k$ is not too much for a custom piece of art.

    Great axe man!:)

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