Late new gear day before we go into the next year!

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by cwhitey2, Dec 24, 2015.

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    I made a couple of these purchases 2 weeks ago, other things I picked up over the year. I have to busy jamming to post a NGD :lol:

    Enjoy my ....ty pics! And yes my pedal board is a clusterfack.


    ABY = finally being able to have the stereo rig I have mentioned in other threads. All I have to say is tonez for days.

    Echelon Great delay pedal, I literally set it up in 2 minutes never changed the settings again.

    TC Electronics MOJOMOJO OD - great $50 of I bought randomaly for the hell of it. That combined with a ts9 is just insane.



    I'm basically using my Archon as my lead tone and for the effects. I'm still debating if I want a true stereo setup...and by that I mean having the effects in both rigs. I'm really digging the sounds from one being dry and the other being wet.

    Not new by any means but shes one of the best playing guitars I have laid my hands on. I have actually stopped playing everything else I own.


    Jam space pic....This is something that's new as well!

    I have been asked in the past to make clips of the tones but never got around to it. Hopefully by the end of January I'll my recording setup complete.

    I also have another Basson cab on layaway that I will be connecting the PRS too. :cool:

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