Kiko Loureiro hybrid picking lesson in Guitar Techniques...

Discussion in 'General Music Discussion' started by distressed_romeo, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Pretty cool lesson; a mix of bossa-nova rhythm stuff, and some open-voiced triad licks.
    I hadn't realised he was a hybrid picker actually...I ought to rewatch the Live in Sao Paolo DVD again and look for some stuff to steal.

    Next month's apparently him talking about picking technique. I hope the month after that is his eight-finger playing (I still want to learn the intro to 'Heroes of Sand'!).
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    I guess you won't find any hybrid picking on that DVD. He uses that for playing chords, on his solo albums mostly.

    The man did a few cool instructionals, but most of them are available in Brasil only (hence, they're all in portuguese). I can share some, and some subtitles too :) You could search youtube for the clip from the Rebirth era where he demonstrates that HoS tapping part for the Young Guitar DVD. That's the first more-than-one-finger tapping i ever learned...

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