Jazz chorus and 10 inch speakers

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    hey guys. I mainly play djent but i also play jazz. My rig is a 7 string les paul with a seymour duncan sentient. my djenty pedals are as follows. MXR dyna comp> analog man ts9dx tube screamer> boss nf1 nosie gate> wampler triple wreck. i use a clean orange cr120 amp head into a marshall 1960a cab. im trying to downsize my rig and i want to stick with the pedals into clean amp type of setup rather than a mesa fullstack providing the distortion. i was wondering if any of you guys have tried using a roland jc-120, jc60 or jc77 amp before. im not worried about loudness because all the venues ive been too have micd only one speaker on my cab. how do you guys think a jc120 or 60 would be with the 12 inch speakers? the jc77 has 2 10 inch speakers and i like how its not to big and has alot of power, but im a bit worried about how 10 inch speakers will sound. obviously, if i got any of these amps i could change the speakers out to more appropriate speakers, but not change the size. thank you all for your opinions.
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