Jackson Trans Black Broderick 7

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    I purchased a Trans Black Broderick 7 about 4 months ago and thought I should do a review on it here.

    The Broderick 7 is phenomenal playing, killer sustain, and the leads are easy to pull off on it.

    The notes have a lot of sustain on them.

    The pick-ups sound really great, different sounding from other pick-ups I have used, passive and active, and I am starting to prefer them to a lot of the pu's I have used (I asked Dimarzio to make me a matching set for my other guitar so all my guitars sound similar (no resetting everything on my amps)).

    When you switch between the bridge, bridge/neck, and neck you will not get a jump in volume, it just sounds like a smooth transition.

    I can get a pretty heavy thrash sound when doing palm mutes and even a classic 80's commercial rock sound on the high strings so I feel it suites my playing tastes well.

    When I switch the 3 way I found that the volumes and tone are pretty even/similar so you don't get any extreme volume changes when you move the switch position.

    The notes are very fluid like, a lot of sustain (after reading posts and watching YouTube videos I realize that is one of the special things that stands out to me (I am hearing with this guitar, a lot of sustain)).

    The stainless steel frets are one of my favorite features and has made realize that I must have them on all my guitars (yeah, it makes that much of a difference with feel and tone).

    It is much easier to get to that 24th fret due to the cut horns unlike a standard Jackson Soloist (I have several Soloist and even though I can get to the 24th fret, I found it is much easier on the Broderick guitars).

    I really like the placement of the 3 way switch for sweeps (similar to my Petrucci guitars).

    Trans Black looks really cool now that I found it changes color in different lights and the All Black looks pretty cool as well.

    Placement of the knobs and what they are able to do is a plus as well as the kill switch (which I am going to use instead for activating my piezos when I get them installed).

    No inlays are cool for some people but I prefer to have them so I will be getting these added to both of my Broderick 7's.

    The heavy weight of the guitar may be a surprise to some people but I have come to like it and the position of the guitar straps really helps to balance it out.

    I have several guitars with the pointy reversed headstock and it has been my preference for years but now I prefer this type of reversed headstock (I feel it is less obtrusive especially for a 7 string due to the extra string).

    The binding is exceptionally cool and blends well with the Trans Black paint job.

    Ironically, I ended up getting a great deal on a Trans Black one but I originally wanted the solid black one to match with all my other black guitars, lol (I have a Black Broderick 7 being made right now through the Jackson Custom Shop with a few modifications on it).

    Here is how I ended up getting the Trans Black: I had gone out to a somewhat local music store to buy a Black Broderick 7 but I found it was actually a Trans Black model.

    I played it and I didn't like the action or feel.

    I tried another one there and I didn't like the action or feel again.

    I tried the 6 string version there and I didn't like action or feel again.

    I was very disappointed since I did drive out for over an hour in traffic and did a lot of research and I thought this guitar was THE guitar for me due to features on it.

    The store manager brought out a Black ESP Horizon FR7 which played like a knife cutting through butter (I wasn't a big fan of the EMG tone but the playing feel and action was outstanding) so I purchased it and asked them to get their guitar tech to do a proper set-up on an All Black Broderick 7 strings when they ordered one (he was out or I would have asked him to do a set-up on one of the ones there).

    A few weeks later I get an email saying they had a black one in and that their tech did a set-up on it.

    I drove out and I found out it wasn't an All Black one but a Trans Black one.

    I ended up getting it (they had a 30 day return policy) so I could determine whether I should actually have them order a new black one for me.

    After a few weeks I found I just didn't like the Trans Black look (that changed later) since it looked Root Beer brown in color to me and not really black and it was going to cost me $300 more than an all black one (I really prefer all black on my guitars) so I returned it after having it for 3 weeks.

    The ESP Horizon FR7 I bought from them played killer but I was finding that after having the Trans Black guitar I really just wanted a Broderick 7 (it had just about all the features I wanted on a guitar).

    But some time had passed (about two months) and I decided to also keep the ESP (it was a killer playing guiatr) while I was waiting for them to get a Black Broderick 7 in for me to try out.

    However, I realized I would be eventually having several expensive guitars and I wanted to stick with only one model but two of the same kind.

    I find out that the store had ordered a black one and they were willing to let me return the ESP for a full refund after two months of having it (the best store, ever) so I drove out and I wanted to get it (which was new-in-the-box) but I played it as soon as they had taken it out for me.

    I didn't like the playing feel of it at all (after playing the very low actioned ESP for the last two months) so I decided not to get it.

    I mentioned the reason why I was passing on it and they said they had another one, Trans Black, that a customer had returned after having it for some time.

    They were willing to sell it at a demo price ($300 less).

    I figured I should give it a try to see if the action was the same because I remembered that I didn't like the Trans Black that I returned to them either until they did a set-up on it then it played amazingly well.

    As soon as I played it I realized it was the one I returned (which I thought they sold) due to ease of playing and the sustaining notes.

    I knew as soon as I played it that it was for me (and they had discounted it an additional $300 because it was a return).

    Ironically, I was the person who returned it and nobody had played it since because they had sent out the other Trans Black they had in stock.

    I didn't think it was the same guitar because this Trans Black had a Black Pearl look to it and not that root beer brown look (it looked unbelievably beautiful), however, they confirmed it was the same one.

    Funny thing was when I got home that night I found the Trans Black changes color in different lights.

    Root Beer brown in one type of light and Black Pearl in another.

    Craziest thing I have ever seen and I have come to love both colors.

    And yeah, it's heavier in weight than most guitars, but manageable due to the balance, and if it is the reason for the killer sustain then I am even more fine with it especially since I lift pretty heavy weights and I have come to love the way the weight is balanced.

    This is by far my favorite guitar and since I fell in love with it I ended up selling off 6 of guitars to make way for a new Black Broderick 7 that the Jackson Custom Shop is doing a modification to right now.

    For anyone interested: The store where I bought my guitar is having a killer discount on that new Black Broderick 7 that I tried for about a minute which I have seen on ebay from them for $2399 (no tax if out of CA).

    It just needs their guitar tech to set the action to play like my Trans Black (I didn't want to wait for them to set it up to play like the Trans in order to get it because I knew I had MY guitar in my hands right then, lol).

    The only thing that I feel has been negative about these guitars is the way they come set up from the factory (the action is high and stiff feeling) which I feel is accurate since I tried out 5 of them that were new and right out of the box.

    And the ones from NAMM, last year and this year, played and felt the same way.

    They all played exactly the same, exactly, very stiff, and surprisingly, not a shredder friendly guitar, however, after the store's tech had set up the Trans Black Broderick 7 for me and a Broderick 6 (they were about to send out), I feel I can say that once they are set up correctly that you will feel it is one of the best playing guitars that you have ever played.

    And since I met Chris myself at NAMM this year and spoke with him for at least 20 minutes plus corresponded through a few emails, I thought I should provide a review for his Jackson artist guitar.

    He has also given me permission to get a few modifications done to the all black guitar through the Jackson Custom Shop which shows he is a very cool person.

    If you have any questions about this guitar review please feel free to send me a PM if I don't repsond to a follow-up post (I don't get notices for replies here for some reason).
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