Jackson Pro Series DK7-Q and DK7-M

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    Please take the time to check out my two Jackson 7 strings for sale on ebay.

    Jackson Pro Series DK7-M was never played live. I have only had it for a very short time. All of its parts are original.

    This instrument never left the house so I did not buy a case. No case included.


    Jackson Pro Series DK7-Q. Added Loxx XL Strap Locks, Seymour Duncan Pegasus/Sentient Humbuckers, Custom Wiring with 5 way switch and Fender positions 2 and 4. Includes Jackson Hard Shell Case. Currently strung with Cleartone CLR 9410-7; 10-56, originally came up with .009 gauge strings. I do have every single specification available. If you send me a message I can forward these on.

    Case Included.

    One factory paint blemish near the cavity cover on the back.


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