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    Ok, let me explain first...............

    The 'C' is for custom, as I built this guitar (first time, no idea what i was doing). 'Built' meaning sourced all the parts & rebuilt :lol:

    It has a DK2 neck, an M body (notice the double hums, not hum/s/s) &
    EMG 81/85.

    I gotta say, after fluking the p'up wiring, this thing is bulls**t to play. My EMG love started with the LTD MH400, so I had to chuck em in this.

    The neck is fast & smooth, each note is so precise it even makes me sound like a musician. :shred:

    The bridge can take everything thrown at it & never loses it's tuning.
    Cant go past those JT580LPs hey.............

    I'm bias towards Jackson, but for good reason. It's a really beautiful guitar to play & look at.:bowdown:

    In the next couple of weeks I have the trans blue DK2 with SD p'ups arriving, so i'm pretty excited to see how she runs. Perfectly i'd say......

    My DK2C.png

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