Jackson 80's Collen Archtop Ltd run.

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    Hey guys thought I'd post this up and see if there is any interest over here.

    GuerillaPete over at the JCF is trying to get a limited run going for this cool older Phil Collen Jackson Archtop.

    It would be the top right corner picture version. 1 hum, possibly the sustainer unit (depends on upcharge)

    Raw neck completely or some sort of finish on it?

    Here's the specs so far:
    Hum + Sustainer system
    White finish w/ oil neck(?)
    Neck-thru with standard hockey-stick headstock
    PC neck profile
    Ebony board + sharkfins
    Black Hardware
    Floyd [if we get enough orders maybe split the run half floyd, half string-tru]


    If your interested please check in and you can also contact Matt's Music for a quote. ( you can pm Matt here as well as over there if your not a JCF member)

    Original thread- JCF Online

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