Is genzbenz shuttle 6 too much amp for a peavey 18" black widow cab?

Discussion in 'Bass Guitar Discussion' started by Gmork, Apr 9, 2016.

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    hi folks, i have a few more question for you all.
    im getting a 118D peavey bass cab, has an 8ohm 18" black widow speaker. it doesnt say the wattage on the cab NOR does it say on the peavey website (crazy i know).
    i use a genz benz shuttle 6 amp, its 375w in 8 ohms or 600 in 4ohms.
    1 - how many watts is an 18" black widow speaker?
    2 - can i safely use the 18" black widow cab?
    3 - can i safely use the 2x10T (2x10 cab that comes with the shuttle) along with my new 18" black widow cab?
    4 - im a guitarist and have never dealt with bass amps/cabs before, im guessing it works the same way, both cabs are 8 ohms so that means id run the amp at 4 ohms right?

    i worry most about running the peavey cab along with another cab forcing me to use the amp in 4 ohm mode (600w) yikes.
    thanks :scratch:
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    1 - Not sure, have you opened up the cab and looked at the back of the speaker driver as it should have a rating/info sticker or stamp on it?
    2 - Certainly at lower volumes.
    3 - Yes.
    4 - Yep, running 2 cabs in parallel will give you the 4ohm total impedance and 600w rating. Check the amp manual but if it has 2 outputs I'm 99% that they would be parallel.

    Just be aware of how different speakers work. 18 inch cones are relatively unresponsive compared to 10s (much greater mass of cone) although they do move a lot of air. If you're playing a lot of fast/tech/higher register stuff they are liable to crap out, but they're fine for doom.

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